ADAS Calibration

Is ADAS calibration necessary?

A misaligned camera could jeopardise the functionality of the system and lead to dangerous driving or accidents, so it is crucial that the cameras are aligned perfectly, which is what windscreen calibration ensures.
What does windscreen calibration affect?

A misaligned camera affects almost every ADAS system so if your vehicle is fitted with any of the following technologies you will need to have your cameras calibrated:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Adaptive high beam
  • Glare-free high beam
  • Adaptive light control
  • Automatic parking
  • Automotive navigation system providing up-to-date traffic information
  • Automotive night vision
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Crosswind stabilisation
  • Driver drowsiness detection
  • Driver monitoring system
  • Emergency driver assistant
  • Forward collision warning
  • Intersection assistant
  • Hill descent control
  • Intelligent speed adaption/advice
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Lane change assistance
  • Pedestrian protection system
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Turning assistant
  • Vehicular communication systems
  • Wrong-way driving warning
  • If you have an ADAS system fitted, you may need to have it recalibrated from time to time – if there is a chance that your camera’s view has been slightly altered, for example. Circumstances that will require a recalibration include:
    • After a windscreen replacement
    • If the dashboard shows a fault code
    • If the camera has been disconnected
    • Change of suspension
    • Change of wheel alignment


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